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Give us about 7 days.
You can view your on-line gallery about a week after the pre-wedding or main wedding shoot. If you have ordered an album or coffee book then this can take about 3 weeks to be delivered to you depending on what changes you would like.

Some people wonder why it takes a week to see their photographs. Well, we'll just explain a little about our workflow process. After the pre-wedding and the wedding photography day the first thing we do is to backup all your photographs to external hard drives. We then upload all of the image files to our secure offline server. This ensures all of your photography is safe and secure.
We then look through each and every image and process the best of them. We take great care and effort with the processing of your images to make them look their best. After this is completed we then upload these photographs to your online gallery. You can then view your gallery using the link we'll send you using the access code and the password you've chosen. You can also get to your gallery by using the "YOUR PICTURES" link at at the top of each page of this site.

If you've chosen a coffee book or album package then this can take around 3 weeks to be delivered to you. We can't be precise about this because it all depends on what changes you've requested to the layout and pictures we've chosen. You can see more details about our coffee book and album process here.

Yes, of course you can.
You will get two DVDs, one containing high resolution photographs of the pre-wedding shoot and another with the wedding day photographs.

You can use the DVDs to print images on your own printer or have the images printed at a local supermarket photo dept. or a high street printer.
The image files are all in high resolution and in .jpg format. Please be aware that these should only be used for you and your family and friends personal use. Please see the copyright question below for more information on this.

It's simple to order prints and have them sent directly to you.
If you prefer having your photographs professionally printed on archival paper you can use the on-line gallery service.

Once your gallery is on-line you or your friends and family can choose any prints you like at various sizes and in various finishes and have these professionally printed and sent to you or them directly. The gallery print costs are reasonable and are clearly labelled and can be paid for using a credit card or PayPal. (The on-line gallery is access code and password protected so your family or friends will need your access code and password to view and order from the gallery).

The area of copyright is always a stickler.
Although robbyphotography hold the copyright to all the images taken we allow our clients to copy and print any of the pictures as long as it's for their or their friends personal viewing only.
What we will protect is any other person or body holding the copyright and having a commercial use of the images - say if you sold one of your photographs to a newspaper or glossy mag.  It's no problem if you just want to email some of the files on the DVD to friends for them to print, or print them yourself as long as it's for your or their personal viewing only. If any of the photographs are to be used in any other way please contact us.

Simple, just contact us and we'll reset it or change it to another asap.

Please get in touch with us and we'll be very happy to answer all of your questions.

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