How we work, our own straightforward wedding photography process

Our approach is to keep it simple and be up-front

To be easy to deal with and completely honest

If you do have any questions whatsoever then please don't hesitate to contact us

Keeping it simple

a straightforward approach

Once you contact us and would like to talk over things further we will schedule a meeting with you. Nothing formal very informal in fact. At a time to suit yourselves possibly a weekend or evening at your home.

At the meeting we'll chat about your wedding photography and show you our albums and coffee books and discuss our style of photography. You can ask us any questions you have. If you want to confirm and book your date with us you can there and then or have a think about it and then get back in touch with us when you decide.
We believe in not putting you under any pressure at that first meeting, we definitely do not have a hard sell approach!

We can't keep your date open indefinitely so If we don't hear from you within a week of that first meeting we then open your wedding date to other couples. So we sort of pencil you in but if you haven't confirmed with us after a week other couples can book your date.

After that first meeting if you decide you'd like to book us, give us a call and we'll enter you in the diary and close that date to other couples. We will ask you to sign a contract which itemises the costs and what service we will provide and sets out our terms and conditions. We require a deposit of £100.
We do reserve the right to cancel your booking if we have not received the contract and the deposit within 4 weeks of you confirming your booking with us.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Then we'll keep an eye on the weather and schedule a day convenient to you when we can all get together to do the pre-wedding shoot. This can be in a park, on the beach or even in an urban city centre. It could be someplace that's special to the two of you. (The place is important but the "connection" between the two of you is what we're out to capture). After about a week we upload your pre-wedding photographs to your gallery and also send you the high-resolution photographs on a DVD and memory stick. The on-line gallery is access code and password protected and the pictures can be viewed individually or as a slideshow.

The pre-wedding shoot isn't compulsory but it's a great opportunity for you to get some fab photographs without the nerves of the big day. Also we get to know each other a bit.
You can see how we work and become confident enough to relax and be yourselves.
A relaxed bride and groom make for great wedding day photographs.

The Wedding Day

A week or two before the actual wedding we will get in touch and finalise the details of the day. The timetable of where we go and at what times.
The big day comes and once it's over it takes about a week to process the images and upload them to your gallery. We will send you the link to the gallery and you view it using your access code and password. We will also put them on a DVD and memory stick for you.
If you've chosen a coffee book or album package then this can take around 4 weeks to be delivered to you. We can't be precise about this because it all depends on what changes you've requested regarding pictures and layout. You can see more details about our coffee book and album process here.

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