Sounds simple but search for someone who produces wedding photography you love

You choose the photographer but they choose your photographs

When a photographer clicks the shutter they define a style of their own

All photographers will interpret your wedding differently

Finding a photographer within your budget is important. Finding one with a style you like is very important too

Picking a photographer isn't like picking the cake!

Your style within your budget = timeless wedding pics

You visit the master cake maker see one that you love and you can be pretty sure that the cake on your wedding day will be exactly like the one you choose way back then.
Wedding photography thankfully is unique because our ingredients are always different. Different people, places and emotions. Following the same recipe would lead to flat, dull and boring photography. Interpretation is the name of the game.

Our advice is to find a photographer you connect with and look at their interpretation, their style of wedding photography. It might take a while but if you love what they do and you get on great with them then you should end up with a fantastic bunch of wedding pictures. See (1)

Getting down to our style, yes we love a photojournalistic style of wedding photography, a style that captures you and your family and friends in a candid relaxed way without you knowing we were really there. Sometimes couples say that we were everywhere but also nowhere. That's a great compliment.
Along with the journalistic style we also do some formal photography. If you're wondering what a "formal" photograph is then I suppose it's one where we'll ask a group of your family or friends to gather together for a picture. For example we'll ask for the bride and groom and each set of parents. We don't do lots of formals but we do do some. It's important that we photograph all of the important players at a wedding and having some formal photography means we should capture most of them. See (2).

There aren't many certainties in wedding photography but there is one, that fantastic wedding photography is for always. A wedding day is fast and chaotic sometimes, it changes by the second and magical moments are happening all the time. A great photograph takes that moment and sets it down forever. It can never be lost, it's secure and timeless and wonderful.

Our Commitment

Our responsibility is to document your wedding. Our commitment is to do it as exceptionally as we can. That means capturing the people and the emotions in images that stir up feelings that move you. Our hope is to give you something special, something precious, wedding photography that catches the heartfelt essence of the day.

We love photographing weddings because we're in the business of making memories and creating feelings. Lots of happiness and sometimes a little sadness. To be able to create emotion is a privileged and wonderful position to be in. We try hard to carry it out. We hope we do it well. We hope you and future generations can relive those feelings and emotions through our photographs. That these images generate loving, happy memories of a particular and very special moment between the two of you, your family and your friends.

Yes we're a business and our hope is that you'll choose us but please let us say again (because this is so important) you must love the photography of the photographer (and also get on well with them too!). So look around, contrast and compare, meet up and view their albums and see how you all get on.
But whoever you choose to be your wedding photographer we honestly and sincerely hope the pictures are fantastic and you both have a day that is so completely great and wonderful.
(...and everybody has a whirl of a time!)
Our very best wishes and kind regards, Robby and Di See (3)


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